Shoe Racks

Footwear is one of the most common sources of household clutter. No matter how many people are living at the same location it is inevitable that a large collection of shoes will amass and require some form of organisation.

A shoe rack is the perfect shoe storage solution for not only organising your footwear collection but also for keeping them in a single location which helps prevent those time consuming household hunts for a missing shoe!

There are a lot of shoe storage types, models and options on the market today which vary in both material, colour, and design styles, so not matter what your personal tastes or requirements it should be easy to find the perfect solution for your home.

Types of Shoe Racks

When browsing for a new or replacement shoe rack the first thing that you need to consider is the type that's perfect for you. There are several types, and they're usually based on the material that the rack is made from. One of the most popular choices is to go for something constructed from metal. These metal shoe racks are made from layered metal wires that provide both support and decoration. This type of construction is pretty durable, and is probably the most common version on the market today.

If you're trying to keep a theme consistent throughout your home, you can match it perfectly with a wooden shoe rack. Metal racks look more modern, so if you want a more homely feel for your living space a wooden shoe rack could be a good bet. It still serves the same purposes, though it would be heavier to move and would require more attention for clean-up and maintenance.

The last consideration is the size - both physically and number of pairs of shoes that can be held. Of course, you should only get one that's appropriate to the size of your home or your office. Getting one too big could really be awkward and could just eat up precious space while getting one too small would mean that there would be very limited space for all your footwear in the rack and you are back to square one.

Interlocking shoe racks are a great way to expand your storage capacity as and when you need it. If the number of shoes or people in the home increases it is easy to order an extra compartment that integrates easily with your existing setup.

Shoe Storage Benefits

Easy storage: as mentioned earlier, one of the best things that you can enjoy with a shoe rack storage device is that they allow easy storage of your footwear, regardless of their size or style. You don't have to worry about keeping them in order, because the individual compartments on the rack allow you to place one pair on each. They're usually placed near the entrance, so all you need to do once you get in is take off your shoes and put them in the designated space ready to be easily found the next time.

Organized all the time: having one in your house means you won't have to suffer losing a shoe just because of all the clutter in your place. A shoe rack allows you to organize your shoes without much effort, since all you need to do is to put your trainers or other pair of footwear in and leave them there until the time that you need to wear them again. If you have friends or family staying with you, cleaning up after them would also be easier, since all you need to do is to take their shoes and put them in the rack without any hang-ups.

Keeps your shoes well-ventilated: one of the main concerns with shoes is that they usually smell, especially if they got soaked or they've been worn for a very long period of time. What's great about a shoe rack is that it's usually made from metal wires that allows air to pass through and ventilate the held footwear. Even if you place these handy storage devices in a secluded area, the air can still circulate and pass through the shoes so that the awful smell would just dissipate and be gone in just a matter of time.

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